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Saturday, November 12, 2011

October Catch up: Rogers Homecoming Parade

Sorry it's been so long since I posted....October is always super busy b/c it's the midpoint in the semester. Retreats, football games, and students activities make Cole's schedule hectic and can make me a little tired when I have to be home alone some nights. In early October, we went up to Rogers where my parents live to the Rogers H.S. homecoming parade. What is better than a parade to entertain's free, it's outside, and there is candy! I made Charlotte a "Go Mounties" onesie to wear and we headed up to meet Mom and Dad (or Donnie and Pawpaw to Charlotte)for the Parade. Charlotte had a great time people watching and Mom and Dad had a great time showing off Lil' Bit. Going to parades is one of my favorite memories growing up. Since my dad was a band director so we went to lots of parades and watched the band march by. I'm so excited to get to make those memories with Charlotte now. Being a mom is the best! My apologies that the pictures are in the reverse order.....
This is after the wore her out:)
Donnie and Pawpaw
Mama, PawPaw and Charlotte
My dad isn't a proud grandpa at all:)
Go Band!


Reba said...

What a sweet little face! Looks like a fun day!

the Pulleys said...

Love these pics! Your Mom's smile says it all. : ) Cute onesie too!